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welcome to 

A global movement of gentle warriors who
help climate positive projects flourish 

SISU accelerates tangible climate solutions focused on adaptation, restoration, and conservation in local communities through web3 collaborations, education and immersive storytelling. 

Our mission is to utilize the power of Web 3 technology to serve as a catalyst for the creation of tangible climate solutions and as a new funding mechanism for on-the-ground-impact projects in communities around the world that need it most. 

We are making climate action human, joyful, and accessible!

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Climate change is now communicating itself. 

 It's the solutions that need our storytelling support.

Each one of us play a key role and we are here to activate and connect dots.


SISU translates into inner strength and determination. The energy we need to evolve. 

Projects + Partnerships

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19.08.2022_sisuPostArtboard 4.png

Through our NFT sales, we created a sustainable alternative for income generation and forest conservation through the recovery of ancestral knowledge of bee keeping in Kogi and Arhuaco’s indigenous communities. 

This February, we launched our global multimedia series Ancient Future, an intersectional approach to disrupting the current climate conversations with technology and design. We gathered the greatest minds and hearts during the most prominent art fair in Latin America, Zona Maco, to explore the connection of art, biophilic design, and technology at the magical Parque Quetzalcóatl in Mexico City. 

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