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We are living in a pivotal moment. The solutions to society living in healthy harmony with nature are there, but they lack visibility and funding.

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We've had enough blah blah blah and is time to channel resources back into the Earth in a productive & transparent way.

Our mission is to prove the power of Web 3 technology can serve as a catalyst to create tangible climate impact and new  funding mechanisms for climate solutions for communities that need it most. 

What do we do 

SISU is a Web 3 community incubating and supporting earth restoration, grass roots communities and human tech forward companies by facilitating partnerships with immersive and NFT arts, media and Web 3 collaborations.


We do this to inspire an engaged regenerative culture. We are a collective of designers, climate activists, technologists, and marketing professionals passionate about the new earth. 

Nature is Non-Fungible.

We are living in a moment where all solutions for climate are there but they lack visibility and funding. As early adopter of blockchain technology know referred as Web3, we believe we have an unique opportunity to create a multi-stakeholder, market-driven community (DAOs) of earth restoration projects to facilitate verifiable ecological outcomes while inspiring action through public art and storytelling.

We seek to create a perpetual Web3 funding mechanism to support on-the-ground earth restoration projects to flourish, specially for the communities at the forefront of climate, Indigenous Communities and Women.

We are building a vibrant global network of gentle warriors - organizations working on climate and creatives- to contribute their part while getting compensated through REFI/DEFI collaborations.

We are living in a pivotal moment. The solutions to a future where society will be healthy and in harmony with nature are there, and the more humane approach to the use of the tools we have at hand can take us there.

Our mission is to support tangible restoration and conservation projects in local communities throughout the world.

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