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A special event and media series by


Museum of Art,

Sharm El Sheik



Thursday Nov 10


A special event for young climate leaders and indigenous pioneers to connect and share a moment of joy and peace in the overwhelming landscape of COP27


We are a community dedicated to supporting and awakening the gentle warriors working for tangible climate action.

This year, during cop27 preparation, we noticed a tremendous amount of greenwashing and little to zero spaces for civil society to gather, so we have been working to create a safe space for young and indigenous leaders.

We chose the museum of Sharm El Sheikh because art institutions are a safe space for expression and community.

We do not turn a blind eye to the human rights violations happening in this region and we do this event in solidarity to all the voices that cannot be heard and the voice of nature.

Some of our panelists 

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Sonia Guajajara

Sonia Guajajara is the first Indigenous woman in the state of São Paulo to be elected into Brazilian congress. She was Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, is an inspiration for millions of Brazilians who dream of a country that settles its debts with its past and finally welcomes the future”

 In 2018, she became the first Indigenous woman to appear on a presidential ticket in Brazil. Today, as executive coordinator of the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, Sônia Guajajara is on the front line of the fight against the Bolsonaro government’s attempt to destroy Indigenous lands, along with the Amazon rain forest. Her work ranges from attending COP26—which created a $1.7 billion fund for Indigenous peoples and local communities recognizing their essential work protecting land and forests from degradation—to recent months when she led thousands-strong protests, bringing together hundreds of Indigenous ethnic groups, which have helped to stall a “death package” of anti-Indigenous legislation. She has also brought national attention to the trampling of Indigenous rights during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sônia is an inspiration, not just for me, but for millions of Brazilians who dream of a country that settles its debts with its past and finally welcomes the future.

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Francisca Arará

For more than 16 years in front of indigenous and non-indigenous organizations discussing issues related to environmental services and climate change. For more than 15 years, she has been the coordinator of the Organization of Indigenous Teachers of Acre (OPIAC) and political advisor of the Asociación del Movimiento de Agentes Ambientales Indígenas de Acre (AMAIAAC), contributing to the construction of the Incentive System for Environmental Services (SISA) , sin coordinates ni Grupo de Trabajo Indígena. She was also a member of the Technical Board on Climate Change, of the PNGATI Steering Committee, of the Thematic Advisory Board of the National REDD+ Committee. She currently holds the position of head of the Department of the Institute of Climate Change and Regulation of Environmental Services (IMC) representing Brazil in the Global and Regional Committee of Alliances with Indigenous Peoples and Other Traditional Populations of the GCF, in Brazil. Holder of the Safeguarding GTT in CONARED and continues to be a member of the Florestas+ Project, of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA).

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Queen Diambi

Queen Diambi is also an Honorary Queen to the Bantu People of Brazil. 

Queen Diambi is a member of the Pan-African Council of traditional and customary leaders and the Council of Elders of Africa. Also founded the Elikia Hope Foundation in New York. Works on a project tackling child homelessness in Kinshasa.

Queen Diambi is the Director of Public Relations of the Pan-African Council of Traditional and Customary Authorities (Cotonou, Benin). She is Co-Founder of Theometrics Africa (Yaounde, Cameroon). 

Queen Diambi is Vice Chairperson of the Global Blockchain Organization and sits on the Advisory Board of the Alternative Development Organization (Tokyo, Japan). Queen Diambi is Member of the advisory board of the Africa Chamber of Commerce Scandinavia (Copenhagen, Denmark).


Isku Kua

For many years, Isku Kua has been supporting his father chief Nixiwaka in the administration of tribal affairs. Today he is chief of Nova Esperança (“New Hope”) village, with a population of 300 people. Isku Kua represents the young generation and has already been through the higher spiritual initiations of the tradition. He is also a talented musician and guitar player, who adapted many traditional songs to the guitar, and travels frequently to Europe and the United States to share his people’s culture and spirituality. Isku’s knowledge of his culture gets deeper every day as a result of his commitment to the studies and his conduction of the Uní ceremony impresses even Yawanawa elders.

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Rasu Yawanawa

Rasu is the grandson of the great medicine man Tata Natasheini, who was one of the most respected elders and wise men of the Yawanawa people. When he was born, Rasu was chosen and raised by Tata to be his successor, and was one of his closest students until his passing a few years back at 103 years old. Rasu was the youngest Yawanawa to complete the highest spiritual initiation of his people, and is already recognized as a powerful healer of his people.

At 26 years old today, he is also one of the 2 chiefs of his village Mutum, making him the youngest chief and spiritual leader of the Yawanawa nation, leading ceremonies and taking care of tribal affairs alongside Chief Matsini. Rasu is an exceptional multiinstrumentalist musician, singer and songwriter. His music has led him to perform at the most diverse locations, from large-scale music festivals such as Lightning in the Bottle in CA, to  the UN Headquarters in NYC for Climate Week.

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Kenetsaini Yawanawa

Kenetsaini is daughter of Chief and spiritual leader Matsini Yawanawa. She comes from a long line of leaders and has been raised as such. Following her ancestor's footsteps and legacy in Mutum village, she has been in contact with the medicines, dietas and the spiritual studies of the Yawanawa since a very young age. 

She represents the powerful feminine force that the Yawanawa people have become known for worldwide. Her strength and dedication to the studies of her ancestral lineage show through her powerful voice and music. At only 19 years old, she is already an inspiration for the new Yawanawa generation.


Thursday Nov 10


Young Voices at COP27 with Ariadne Papatheodorou (Greece) Roberto Hernandez Juarez (Mexico), Sningha Tiwari (India) and Gokul Rejendaran (India)


Ocean Focus with Climate Youth Ambassador, Nathalia Lawen from Seychelles +  Founder Peace Boat Ecoship, Yoshioka Tatsuya


Climate Finance To Mitigate Climate Change - Does it really work? with Francisca Arara & Beto Borges PFP,  Revathi Kollegala from Regen Foundation


Power of Women Indigenous Voices in the Global Environmental Movement with Sonia Guajajara (Brazil), Queen Diambi (Congo), Nina Gualinga Ecuador moderated by Angela Del Sol Varela  


Prayer by Celia Xacriabara and ANMIGA Indigenous Women Leaders 


 Candle Light and Cacao by Andre Belenr and Steven Brooks


Live Music from the Amazon

Isku Kua, Rasu & Kenetsaini Yawanawa


Vegan Catering & refreshment

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Thursday, Nov 10th

We look forward to seeing you

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