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What’s an NFT?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique, limited-edition, digital collectibles with verified, proven ownership—a digital asset offering rare, high-value, and real-world utility. 

Say what?

Think of this NFT as a gateway towards regeneration. The purchase will allow us to invest the funds in one of our Earth Restoration Projects, we are currently working on like Honey Bee Project.

About our NFT collection - Genesis

  1. There are only 111 Genesis NFTs

  2. The funds generated by the sale of the SISU Genesis collection will go to SISU treasury

  3. 50% proceeds of this collection will go towards vetted earth restoring projects focusing on BEES, SEEDS and REEFS

  4. The other 50% goes to the artist, Vega (our NFTs were made my a human and not computer generated!) and the rest for SISU operations (aka 3 people that are working on the project).

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