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Web3 can be filled with a lot of jargon...

Here is a Glossary to navigate this new horizon. We assume most of you will be new to a lot of the concepts, so we succinctly define some terms:

  1. What is web3? Web1 was the first “static” internet. Web2 is the “dynamic” internet that we have today, it is interactive but it is very centralized: the big platforms own our data. Web3 is “dynamic”, decentralized because we own our own data.

  2. What is Blockchain? Think of the blockchain technology as a big database that keeps track of all the interactions we have online. Blockchain powers and secures web3. 

  3. What is a cryptocurrency? It’s digital money you can move at the speed of the internet, without the permission of a bank or a country. 

  4. What is an NFT? It stands for “Non Fungible Token”, it is a sort of a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership. Owning an NFT means that you can trace the authors, the owners of any digital file, be it an image, a sound, a video, a 3D object, code, a concert ticket, a club membership…

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