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The Full Story


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We are committed to building a platform that is open, transparent, and educational, where the LATAM and BIPOC communities can learn, share ideas, and collaborate about crypto and web3 in their own language. As we promote a positive and inclusive narrative around web3, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem that fosters innovation, creativity, and real-world impact for our community.

We need to speak the language of our LATAM/BIPOC community and make web3 accessible to them. With engaging media and accessible branding, SISU will break the barriers walling off web3 and open the way to widespread adoption to communities that are yet to enter it. 


Our Theory Of Change 


By leveraging influencers and social apps that are already popular amongst our target audience, we will bridge the gap and engage in meaningful conversations about the potential of web3 to create a positive impact. Our goal is to foster inclusivity and provide accurate information about web3 that empowers our community to participate in this technology in a safe and informed manner.

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